After researching, designing and leading trips through some of the most exciting destinations in France (for nearly 25 years), we've decided that we'd like to offer something a little different. We've often thought that we would much rather vacation on a smaller scale – with a few close friends or family - tailoring the trip to our specific interests. If you're like us, you might also want an "insider" to create that itinerary for you. Private winery visits? Custom designed bike routes? Walking through the vines and countryside? An aerial tour of the region? A private visit of a historic monument? A cooking class with a renowned regional chef? It's all possible. We'd love to show you these beautiful places that we fell in love with. It's special and personal – like your vacation here should be. Until then… A Bientôt.

Gaëlle Forey, a native Burgundian and Brittany who is the most French woman ever, decided after ten years in the luxury hotel industry in the London and five years as director of events for a prominent wine producer in Burgundy, to fly on her own! Tailoring discreet luxury travels and events for sophisticated professionals as well as refined private travelers who want a unique and exceptional experience. My mission is to understand your needs and fulfill your unspoken desires from the simplest to the most extravagant. My expertise lies across Burgundy, Bordeaux, Paris, the Loire Valley and the South of France. Undiscovered France awaits you!

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